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10 de junho de 2012

The story of a head that ran from its feet

Once upon a time a bunch of different seeds of many shapes and colors were planted on the soil. Many species had to try really hard in order to survive.

So they started to grow the way they could and just like that they were able to develop their wisdom, persistence and strategy.

Each one of them trying to get as high as they could. Stretching their branches towards the blue sky.

The big trees had their branches growing higher and higher but at the same time they were growing away from the other trees since the planet is rounded.

Don’t understand? Ok, I’ll explain…

At the beginning the branches seemed to grow parallel from each other but when looking towards the sky you could tell that the top of each tree was far away from each other.
Growing this way they could no longer communicate or exchange new ideas.

So to keep a conversation they had to yell at each other but after a while it became harder and harder so they decided to stop trying. With time all the trees lost their ability to hear or speak. What a shame… It seemed now that they were so independent and didn’t even need each other anymore.

The heads were growing so so so so far away from each other.

They were aiming to the sky, going as fast as they could; fearless and that was making their communication disappear…

All I know is that for each centimeter they grew up another centimeter would grow down making sure the roots were well solid and supporting their balance.

Deep inside in the dark soil mixed with bugs and leaves, the roots were growing towards the planet’s heart and, unlike the heads, they were approaching other roots time to time because they all had the same goal and direction.

So each step up ahead would mean a step down below and that was the only way the trees would grow. The roots got closer and closer that their ends touched each other, and tangled up with a whole new way of dialogue without the words once used but with more meaning and a stronger soul. It was just like a friendly and caring hug.

And it was created, at this moment, the same strength that developed a bellybutton in each one of us boys and girls who are fruits from those old trees still requesting us to grow big but to never forget that for each step ahead we should always grow a step inside. And to be just like the trees that even speechless still talk to you and me.

PS: The same goes for the lovers. When developing their relationships sometimes for reasons caused by life and such they need to go apart from each other making everything harder but making sure to have their roots tangled up deep down supporting each other and keeping each other warm always with love and care aiming in the same direction.

Translation by Alice Campello