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25 de setembro de 2015

The happiest dad in the world

Today is his day, at least that's the way I fell!
Day of my son to make me feel like a hero!
Not the kind that shoots lasers or wear colorful capes,
But the every day hero, the one that holds his hands when he falls,
And explains the world as if I have made it myself!
The day to realize that, the boy, expects of me, the best!
Being that my duty... I shall give him beyond incredible!
A day to understand that the little one will follow what I show him:
How to love a woman, his mother. To feed the dog, to be good, to meditate...
In each word said, he'll find symbols of who I am,
The marks on my hands, the weight of my love!
Day of this boy to make me reflect
About each detail, word and moment...
I catch him doing things I did yesterday,
Maybe the biggest lesson I pass on is... To be happy!
The direction pointed by the pathway once traced,
And any explanation of rockets, love, dinosaurs...
He will trust completely in everything, even if some expert tells him different,
He will say that the expert is wrong!
The courage of this son of mine, his boldness, his articulation...
Comes from knowing that he can peacefully throw himself in space,
Secured that underneath him, supporting him, will be two arms,
And an entire man!
Today, the messy little thing with sparks in his eyes, who is asking to be carried
Doesn't quite know that I arrive home tired at the end of the day,
He still expects the same goofy and friendly word.
And I find the last bit of strength, that was protected and reserved to my son,
The tiny drop of time for his tiny thirst...
And it takes just a little snuggle, playing like a silly clown and some crazy dancing,
Laying on my back to be his horse, till that hiccup laughing!
Soon, tired he is, falls asleep still smiling...
Today is my day. To thank my son,
For making me be the happiest dad in the world!
My heart is pleased! Thank you very much!
PS: Dedicated to you, my little Benicio. Today is almost father's day and you are only 1.5 years old
with an eternity ahead of you where you will always be my best FRIEND!
I know one day this won't be like this due to natural disagreements typical from young adults. The time will
come where you will trace your own footsteps, make mistakes, challenge limits, and create your own planets...
Our notebook, forgotten, ripped... But after all the fuss... Here will still be the same two arms,
the man and his entire heart, waiting and longing for your hug!
I don't want any gifts, really, all I want is your smile and happiness. Same goes to your mom, always so beautiful!
Kisses, my son!