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9 de outubro de 2015



(Que se fosse uma rainha, seria: Alice - A Generosa)

Of course we know the story, we always knew! But we ignore it, just to keep some simplicity and mystery in the air!

This is my family’s tattoo, nomad, witch, gypsy, pilgrim, traveler, sailor, artist, famished, distant, that shines right there, in a lighthouse on the horizon!

On the background, the larger circle, the "C " for Campello is shaped like a moon. It leads us.

Across the "C", we have two waves, one concave and one convex that crosses our alphabet! Always within the tides that rise and fall! That’s how we navigate!

Between the waves, emerges a small island, firm land of family, memory, security, harbour of memories and longing. That’s where we aim when lost in this world!

At the top of the island, a landmark, a shining beacon! Just like a star or a howl calling the pack!

A point that unifies us, reminding us our values, principles, truths, spirit ... Work and sacrifice! Yes! You must paddle hard to reach to the other side of the ocean and learn about the constellations!

Tattooed on the inside of the left ankle!

Ankle because is the part that bends, articulates, near the soft spot of Achilles, adaptable and yet fragile, it makes us forever walk through the world's many paths!

Left is where the heart is and the ones associated with justice!

On the inside to keep it protected, within us, safely secured in the cave of our instincts!