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9 de abril de 2011


Loosen up the rope just a little,
And trust the horse with my path.

The mist that surrounds me became permanent
My legs are relaxed and smoothly go
Through the grass and through instinct, there is no mystery!

See the god’s playing cards
And the gypsies, don’t show me the signs
And don’t tell me that the stars in their cycles
Are prophesying...

Loosen up the sail and slowly
I will aim through the hatch realizing
Which ocean sailed me that night
And where it have anchored my ship

Rediscovering the beach... The mermaids
And the forests will bring back
The desert that keeps my destine

I will let go the rope now
The currents will define my challenge!
I don’t look for any answer
I have soul and my character is who will draw my future!

Marcelo Campello

Tradução: Alice Campello