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9 de abril de 2011

The poem's not love

I don’t love you, I know
Too bad you don’t believe it
And insists in something that isn’t there
It’s a trap. Beware!

I don’t love or fall in love
I can still approach you. Like a wolf without his pack
It’s just about scent and pheromone
This way you won’t suffer
The same way I won’t suffer
Control your demons
Castrate the evil

It’s obvious that I don’t love you
Desires are for the meat
Men’s necessity
For being so delicate I respect
The rules of flirting
Flowers on my bed and then I sing

Definitely I'll forget about you
Just like a wallet on the table
And because I’m a church lady
I won’t love you just because you are a bourgeois

When falling asleep
After orgasms and joy
Different dreams stumble by
And confuse my thoughts

I don’t love you because it’s too much
To love a fatigued man
You can’t buy it
Not even with jars of beer
Certainly I don’t love

I don’t love you because I am brief
And you can take my feelings
As a lifejacket when you drown
Like wind
Like tobacco for cigars
Like fezzes
Just how the capitalists do
You don’t have my affection
Just my desire

I’m firm
I aim my goals
I control the bleeding animal

I don’t love you. I protect myself
Inside the shell without the pearl
Inside the snail
Under blankets and empty beds

I don’t love you because I don’t want to
Have on my side such torture
Forever and nocturne

I don’t love you and it’s decided
Abortion of the dream, ejected
I reject the project
These are my rights

Destroying the sand castle
I’m clear
So I take back this poem
Put my clothes on
It’s late. I better go home

Scream loudly on the street:

Who cares? It’s late anyways…

Marcelo Campello

Tradução: Alice Campello