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7 de abril de 2011

Jocasta, Amelie Poulain e Lili Carabina

A tradução que minha irmã fez do poema presente para elas... Vejam que lindeza e harmonia da família! Fico honrado e emotivo com as retribuições que recebo de carinho!
Obrigado Alice, que tudo ai no Canadá esteja no rumo de seus sonhos! Acho que em agosto eu vou mesmo hein! Me esperem! Beijos!

Look how beautiful! There they are, exactly…
The witches, young gypsies that dance!
They are my friends and all men too
They have always loved me!

Sweet flying, they drift unanchored!
Campello’s women, for centuries accumulated
From there, the mists of A...valon
Whispered in my ears: Love, be careful!

And warned me from the start, from my crib to the alphabet.
And later on and out of my cocoon
A young man, running on the roads
They sung for my soul: “Go for the shade, beloved”!

And blessed me Forever moths, the fairies!
From their barracks they sent me an angel
For every time I bleed And they hold me in their arms.
They guide me without saying a word
To places that have no footprints

And when the blaze on the chest becomes so strong,
Burning the savanna. A balloon rose to the sky
When they saw it, there I was, fallen, on the ground!
Pulse ripped! They raised my eyes over the mountains
And protected me from the silhouettes

I call them my friends
They are the three Maries, sisters
Their names is marked
On the bottom of my hourglass

Garnish Alice on my eyelid, the gold
Clarissa in my left shoulder, the incense
And Juliana in my ankle, the myrrh

Marcelo Campello