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9 de abril de 2011

Mom made a doll

My mom made a doll

Mom went to the kitchen
I knew they're would be magic

_ Ah! Still amazes me!

With her hands full of clay
Rises another doll
Even more beautiful than the first

As always...

In her temple, clumsy between wires
She is a happy bunny, dancing within the thorns
Having fun in the haystack and smoke
Tangled up in hampers and baskets of all kinds
Through her bangs, she smiles...

Mom goes out
Excited, always brings new ideas
Inspired by owls and stars

Mom comes back from the park
Make-up of leaves and soot
With paper, glue, and a crumbled heart
She attaches a frame to the hamper
And adds more filling...

One arm falls off, a twisted neck in the morning
Another endless night
A new clay to be tried out

Mom goes to a dream
And from there, registers different recipes

I am her amazed son
Observing her work being created

Mom makes medicine
That keeps me happy all day long
It also heals her soul

It already has the exact texture of rough skin
That she wanted for her piece

Now she prepares the colour, to paint that someone

My mom makes a doll
For her son's heart

So delicated, she celebrates, proud and satisfied
Brings the whole party into my chest

Then she goes away... To the balcony, forever

Resting is the doll from the recipe
Like a muse floating over my dreams
Like mom going back to the kitchen
And fairies and witches watching over their sons
Whispering at the right moment
Swerving them from traps

My mom made a doll...
Sewed our family's soul
That dresses me with instinct and affection
And guides me forever in my path
To be a man filled with tenderness
Strolling through the adventures of life...

I'll forever thank you "Madrecita"!

Like "Pinocchio" I also...
Came to life and ran away from my "Gepetto"!

One day I'll be back...

One day I'll be back...

I don't think we ever left!

(Poem written without correction of words, just the way it is... The same way mom makes her dolls... Poem dedicated to my mom's hands, that will take care of me forever!)

Thank you my beautiful mom!

Tradução: Alice Campello